InsurTech NY Event - Dec 10 @ 1pm ET / @ 7pm CET

The distribution of technology is not equal. COVID has brought to light how the distribution of technology can quickly compound into changes in market share and ultimately wealth. Industries that are predominantly connected to physical interactions were immediately penalized as the world moved digital nearly a month.

The insurance industry falls somewhere in the middle of the distribution of technology scale. Most life insurers still rely on medical exams and blood samples to bind a policy. Most commercial insurers require in-person inspections on new policies and in-person adjusters to adjudicate claims. However, some personal lines carriers and startups like Lemonade have advanced to the point they complete the entire customer lifecycle in a digital world.

Insurers that take the cue from COVID as a warning sign of the impact of emerging technology on their industry, they will have a unique opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce combine ratios, and win more market share. Low hanging fruit exists across the value chain from quoting to underwriting to claims.

Learn through this event how to build the business case for emerging technologies and integrate them into your existing systems to stay ahead of the curve. See how carriers and brokers are using RPA, IoT, and AI to improve their business.


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Featured Speakers

We are bringing together an expert line up of insurance carrier leaders, InsurTech founders, and solution provider leaders. This section will be continuously updated with new speakers.

e2value – Todd Rissel – CEO

Allstate – Lynne Clemens – RPA Leader

EIS – Joel Yarde – Technology Marketing Lead

Eversheds Sutherland – Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik – Partner

Guardian Life – Tejash Patel – Chief Architect

ROI Consulting – Roi Hansraj – Partner

Pivot Global – Cynthia Hardy – CEO

TD Insurance – Cameron Flynn – Emerging Technologies

Kelly McLaughlin – Neural Metrics – Chief Product Officer

Sorcero – Richard Graves – Chief Commercial Officer

Who Should Attend

Corporate IT: CIOs, VPs, Directors, and Managers of IT and Technology
Analytics: VPs, Directors, and Managers in Analytics
Data Science and Architects: VPs, Directors, and Managers of Data Science and Enterprise Architecture
Underwriting: CUOs, VPs, Directors, and Managers of Underwriting
Policy Admin: VPs, Directors, and Mangers of Policy Administration
InsurTech Founders and Executives
Innovation Leaders: VPs, Directors, and Managers of Innovation
Corporate Ventures: Managing Directors, Principals, and Associates in Corporate Ventures Capital
VCs and Angel Investors