The Future of Insurance Europe (Nov 24-25, Online) is where CEOs and C-level executives from across European insurance markets, join forces to share ideas and realign strategies in order to build business resilience in this dynamic new commercial environment.

Providing you with strategies to transform trends and emerging risks into opportunities, tackling regulation and accelerating digitalisation efforts at a time where agility and transformative change is paramount to remain competitive in today’s markets.European insurers recognise the business-critical need to understand, engage and forecast future business impacts, to formulate strategies to effectively utilise data, and provide the right people and processes with cutting-edge technology, guidance, and leadership to succeed.

This is the only meeting in the world where the CEO and C-suite community share live insights, to tackle this reality, talk strategy and engage in newsworthy discussions to enact real change and shape the future of the European insurance industry.

The Future of Insurance Europe agenda tackles the core challenges facing insurance executives across all major European markets, providing a high-level, strategic approach to developing and shaping the insurance industry of the future.Hear from an unrivalled community of CEO and C-suite executives sharing their expertise through case studies, Q+As, roundtables, interviews and more.

Industry Briefing: Discussing Financial Performance, Acquisitions, Announcements, and Regulation – a state of the industry update during this unprecedented business environment

Emerging Risks: Climate, Cyber, Catastrophe, Health; Strategic Approaches and Mitigation Plans – exploring how European insurers are tackling these new challenges to safeguard the future

Technological Disruption: Strategy, Investments, Start-ups, Technology Advancements and Capabilities – accessing the right tools and strategy to accelerate the digitalisation action plan

Leadership: Culture, Diversity, Sustainability, Strategy, Talent Retention, Workforce Development – installing and building the right ethos to create business resiliency during this dynamic environment